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VERY IMPORTANT, Files must be sent at 100% print size. If not, the print size must be specified by the customer. Mock-ups are good for placement and reference but there is no way for us to determine the actual print size.

We are a Macintosh based shop but files created in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator on a PC compatible computer are acceptable.

We do not accept files created in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint. We are not able to create separations from any files created with these programs.

Images created for the internet are generally unacceptable as image resolution is generally TOO LOW (72 dpi) to correctly reproduce the image on a t-shirt.

Adobe Photoshop files must be at 300 DPI at final print size.

To alleviate confusion all type should be created in Adobe Illustrator and converted to outlines.

When placing images created in Photoshop into Illustrator do not enlarge the placed image. Resizing the image changes it's resolution. Even though the original Photoshop file is 300 dpi, if you enlarge it 300% in Illustrator the resolution becomes 100 dpi.

All PANTONE colors must be specified using solid, coated colors. A color copy of the artwork is extremely helpful for matching purposes. A proof is required for all 4 color process and simulated process jobs.

Please consider the color of your selected garment when submitting artwork. For your own reference place your artwork on a background color of your selected garment color. Artwork is separated differently for different color garments.

Please label your artwork with your NAME, PLACEMENT (front, back, left chest, sleeve, etc) and COLORS.


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