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Babylon Burning has been screen printing in the Bay area since 1976 after being founded by Steve Patton (read Steve's story here). In 1999 Mike Lynch bought Babylon Burning after working for Steve the previous four years. Babylon Burning has gone through numerous changes since, but has always been committed to providing top quality products and services. Most of our clients are in the Bay area and most new clients come from referrals. Our reputation is what has kept us in business for so long.

The foundation of our business has not changed, but as technology has changed so has Babylon Burning. In 2007 we purchased a new automatic screen printer which has increased our production capacity immensely without increasing costs. This allows us to continue having one of the quickest turn arounds in the city at 4-5 days (10 days are standard). We also maintain state of the art graphics software and computer systems to handle all of your design needs.

Enjoying what we do and loving the place we live makes the difference. Our shop reflects the fun we have printing and we encourage you to stop in to get a feel of what we are all about. Today there are so many ad-specialty companies out there that don't usually print in-house. They farm business out of state (and out of the country) and take away from the local economy. Being local means most of our clients come in for press checks to make sure they are getting what they want before orders are run and they can also get a chance to meet the people actually doing the work.

So remember, KEEP IT LOCAL, press check your shirts in San Francisco, see the San Franciscan printing your shirts, and feel good about supporting small businesses and good jobs in San Francisco.

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